Levantine Arabic: Intelligibility between Jordanians and Syrians


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Hello everyone,

I have always been interested in learning Jordanian Arabic due to the fact that I have friends there and would like to visit someday. However, I have found it difficult to find Arabic learning resources specific to Jordan.

My college uses the language learning site Mango, and they have a program specific to Levantine Arabic. It says in the course description that the pronunciation and vocabulary have been selected specifically based on the spoken language of Damascus.

My specific question is how different is Sirian Arabic from Jordanian Arabic and what are the main differences? Is it mere pronunciation or are there differences in vocabulary and grammar as well? If I learn this specific pronunciation from Syria will that still be useful when I go to Jordan?

Sorry for the long explanation and thank you ahead of time for any advice!
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    If you learn Syrian everybody in Jordan will understand you perfectly. Jordanian Arabic as a thing of it's own arguably doesn't exist, it's basically Palestinian and the best materials available for that are the Speaking Arabic textbooks by J. Elihay.
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