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How would you say 'one sided' in these contexts? (1& 2 are different from 3) If someone could translate these sentences, that would be very useful:

1. I feel as if my friendship with him is very one-sided - if it wasn't me that made the effort to call or meet up, it wouldn't happen.
2. Come on guys! This is meant to be team-work. It's become very one-sided - I'm the one doing all the work!
3. He is completely biased - his arguments are always one-sided and he will not hear the other side at all.

Thanks very much!
  • elroy

    Imperfect Mod
    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual

    Some ideas:

    ١. كإنو كل إشي / كل المبادرات من طرف واحد
    ٢. كل الشغل صفّى على واحد
    ٣. منحاز ع الآخر
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