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    I'm wondering about tailoring terminology in Beirut. I would like to get a few shirts made, but I'm not sure how to ask for two things:

    1. roomy arm holes (armscye is the technical term) to allow a little freedom of movement so the fabric doesn't pull into the armpit, and

    Probably I can get these points across without the technical terms, but it doesn't hurt to know them. Cheers! :)
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    In Palestinian Arabic I would probably say خلي الكمام مبحبحة (5alli li-kmaam imba7ba7a, which in Beiruti Arabic I'm guessing would be خلي/عمول الكمام مبحبحة (5alli/3mool li-kmeem imba7ba7a). (A native speaker should confirm.)

    This doesn't use technical terms, but I'm not sure anyone going to a tailor would use technical terms for this request.
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    mba7ba7 is also used in Damascus, so I'd expect it to be used in Lebanese too.

    You could also just say kmaam waas3a (or kmeem or whatever it is, like elroy I have no idea about the distribution of the high alif in Lebanese).

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