Levantine Arabic: Saha ala albak صحة ع قلبك

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    Hi everyone, it's my first posting so I apologize if I'm not following all the rules for any reason that I have may not noticed.

    My question is about the meaning of the expression "saha ala albak"... Can anyone translate it into English?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Zuze Member

    Ahlan fik bilmuntada (Welcome to the forum)!

    As always, it would be best waiting for an answer from a native speaker. However, from what I found over the net, it's a replly to "saha" (صحة, litterally: health) or "sahtein"(صحتين, literally: two healths) which mean Bon Appetit. The phrase can be translated "thank you, you too", or something like that (Literraly, it means "health (be) upon your heart").

    You can also use just "على قلبك".

    Here you can see a few examples of its use:
    1. http://www.arabhop.com/vb/archive/index.php/t-9356.html
    one member of the forum gives a recipe, and writes: وبصحتكم مسبقاً
    and another member answers: صحة على قلبك
    Yet another member writes: الف صحة على قلبك (litterally: a thousand healths upon your heart).

    2. http://www.hala-ksa.com/vb/archive/t-45046.html
    one member of the forum gives a recipe, and writes: وصحتين وعافيه
    and another member answers: صحة على قلبك

    3. http://iraq.iraq.ir/vb/showthread.php?t=61876
    one member of the forum posts pictures of cakes, and writes: صحة و عافية
    and another member answers: على قلبك

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