Levantine Arabic: they beat up everyone inbetween


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I would like to say:

There were troublemakers/rioters at the end of the procession, so when the police charged, they beat up everyone inbetween.
--- Il y avait des casseurs en queue de cortège, du coup, quand la police a chargé, ils ont tabassé tout le monde.

My try:
كان في سلّابون بمؤخَّر موكب، منشان هيك، لما البوليس تقدّمت، حطّموا كل واحد بوسط الجوق

Is there a better/more natural way of saying it ?
  • What is 'everyone inbetween' supposed to mean here, exactly? If I understand the French, it's just supposed to mean 'everyone' - is that right?
    Well, as the rioters are in the end of the crowd of people and the police were in front of it (facing the crowd), when the police charged, they also beat up innocent people who were inbetween/halfway (the people that were in the front and the middle of the crowd).

    I just put 'everyone' in French because the sentence sounds awkward if you try to add entre-deux, au milieu, à mi-chemin. But I thought that in English, as they often add more details than French, it was okay.
    Ahh, OK. It sounds a bit odd, but I think it works if you're more explicit and say 'the police were at one end and the troublemakers at the other, so they ended up beating up everyone in between'.

    Maybe فقامو ضربو كل اللي بينهن وبين المشاغبين or something.