Levantine Arabic: thrifty

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Hi there. "Thrifty" means being clever with your money- not too excessive. It is different from "stingy", which means almost unwilling to give/cheap.

Could someone please translate:

"You havent been as thrifty as you could have been with your money"


Imperfect Mod
US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
I would use the verb اقتصد in this case:

مش عم بتقتصد قد ما بتقدر

Note also that in this case the equivalent of the present perfect progressive (“have been doing”) is عم + present tense.
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الحريص هو من ينفق ماله فيما يحتاجه وينفعه ولا يبذره مثلا في شراء أشياء لا يحتاجها، بينما البخيل هو من لا يستطيع إنفاق المال حتى وإن احتاج إلى شيء معين لأنه يحبه حبا جما