Levantine Arabic: to be up for / down for doing something

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by Raspberryjam, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. Raspberryjam

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    Hi there,

    How would you say "Are you up for/down for going to the party this weekend" (in French: Tu es chaud pour aller à la fête.....?)

    Would it just be: جاي على بالك تروح ع الحفلة؟
  2. sun_shine 331995

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    Arabic (mostly Egyptian)
    انت جاهز/متشوق عشان تروح الحفلة آخر الأسبوع؟
  3. She'lock Holmes

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    Northern Lev. Arabic (mostly Syrian)
    Your sentence is definitely idiomatic to me but I think I'd pronounce it جاي عبالك تروح علحفلة. It doesn't translate exactly as your English sentence though.
  4. wriight New Member

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    In Lebanon they've started using the verb "shīl" for this exact purpose -- some (old? trad?) people don't like it though, lol. It's been in use for a few years afaik. I don't think it's entered general Levantine(?) but you could phrase this as بتشيل نروح عالحفلة آخر الأسبوع؟ or as ‏(بدنا نروح/رايحين) ع هالحفلة آخر الأسبوع، بتشيل؟
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  5. Mahaodeh Senior Member

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    That's an interesting expression! Do you have any idea how it came about?

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