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How can I say: I went to a Toyota (car) dealership.
A friend told me I can say رحت على شركة تويوتا لبيع وتأجير السيارات but I find the expression quite long.
Isn't there an easier way to say it.

And also, I'm afraid that شركة تويوتا لبيع وتأجير السيارات also refers to the whole Toyota company.
Like If I want to say I bought a Toyota car dealership (one store) and I use شركة تويوتا لبيع وتأجير السيارات wouldn't it mean that I bought the Toyota Company entirely?
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    In Jordan, what I know as a "dealership" is usually referred to as a معرض, i.e. a showroom.
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    How about 6la3t 3a wikalat toyota (طلعت عا وكالة تويوتا ) ? I'm not Levantine, is there a native speaker around to chime in? :) Wikala is usually used to refer to dealership (as in being a dealer of cars, motorcycles and such).
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