Levantine Arabic: un regard de travers (FR)


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I would like to say:
The kind of man who could kill someone just for a daggers look.

My try:
الشاب اللي ممكن يقتل حدا ؟؟؟

Any ideas?
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    I’m sorry, but your sentence makes no sense in English. :( Could you please explain what you mean in other words?


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    I did not really know how to turn to look daggers at into a noun. But I wanted to say to look angrily at someone.

    In French, it would be:
    Le genre de mec qui pourrait tuer quelqu'un juste pour un regard de travers.

    It can be said to describe a dangerous gangster like Pablo Escobar for example, ie. He would kill anyone for pointless reasons as just looking at him angrily.


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    I think we say 'to look daggers at someone' or 'to give someone an evil look/an evil' ("Stop giving me evils!" means 'Stop looking at me like you want to kill me')


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    هو من النوع اللي مستعد يقتل قتيل بس عشان تطلّع عليه غير شكل

    تطلّع عليه غير شكل is not literal but it’s what I would say in this context. It’s a pragmatic equivalent I think.

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    Personally, I'd use:
    هوي من الناس اللي ممكن يقتلو التاني (يقتلو حدا) لو بس اطلعو فيهن.
    You can also add بنظرة شر or كارهينن but it's unnecessary.
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    I found 2 threads in the En-Fr forum about regarder de travers, but I'm still not sure about the best English (or Arabic) equivalent for the expression.

    But in Egyptian Arabic we talk about بَصَّة مش عاجباه a look/way of looking that he doesn't like.
    ممكن يقتل حد لو بَصَّ له بَصَّة مش عاجباه/ ما عجبتوش


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    هدا واحد, ما تطلع فيي تطليعة غلط, يمكن يجي مخلص عليك.
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