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    ... ما بعرف إذا بدي... أو: This is if you don't know what you want.

    ...ما بعرف إذا لازم ... أو: This is if you don't know what you need to do, as in if you are given an order and command and are unsure about what you're supposed to.

    ...ما بعرف إذا أحسن لي ... أو: This is if you don't know which is better for you.
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    In Palestinian Arabic you can just use the subjunctive:

    بعرفش إذا أشتري ... ولا ...
    (ba3rafesh iza 2ashtri ... willa ...)

    Matat, in Palestinian Arabic أو would be wrong. I'm not sure if other Levantine dialects use ولا, but I'd be surprised if they used أو.


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    Do they simply not use أو in this particular way or is the word "أو" itself never used in Palestinian?


    In formal Arabic We can say " لا أعرف اذا كنُت أريد أن أشترى هذا أو ذاك "
    In Egyptian Arabic dialect you can say " أنا مش عارف أشترى ده ولا ده "
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