Levantine/Gulf Arabic: I hate to break it to you / to break the news


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Hi! I'm looking for two translations of the phrase "to break something to somebody". The first is literal; the second is sarcastic.

If someone could translate these sentences I'd be grateful:

1. She gently broke the news to him that his brother had died.
2. I hate to break it to you, but you are not the center of the universe so sit down and be quiet!

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    1. شوي شوي خبّرتو بموت أخوه -- not too happy with this one; maybe someone else has a better suggestion! The opposite would be دجّتو الخبر دجّ.
    2. اسمحلي بهالكلمة، بس إنت مش أهم واحد بالدنيا! أقعد ساكت!
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