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How would you say: "He comes out with stupid comments like "All British people drink tea" and silly generalizations like that."

I know that you could probably just say:
بصير يحكي هبل مثل كل البريطان بشربوا شاي

But I was wondering if there was more of a colloquial way of saying 'come out with....like'. ("You should hear the things he comes out with")

Can you say something with 'بطلع ب' ?
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    Perhaps something like بزتّلك تعليقات (bizittillak)? I definitely think something with -lak is the answer as far as expressing this kind of disdain for the speaker is concerned.


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    Can you say something with 'بطلع ب' ?
    Yes, absolutely! I would say it with analeeh's -lak.

    هدا بطلعلك بتعاليق غبيّة متل "كل البريطان بشربوا شاي" وتعميمات بايخة من هالزي

    I wouldn't use بزتّلك.
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