Levantine/Gulf Arabic: to lose its novelty

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How would you say something has lost its novelty? This means that it is no longer new, and has started to become boring.

E.g - how would you translate:
I quite liked lockdown at first, but now after two months it's lost its novelty and I'm bored.

Thanks :)
  • momai

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    A suggestion for Levantine Arabic:
    كان منع التجول بأول فترة عاجبني بس بعد شهرين باخت القصة وهلق مليت


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    Another suggestion:
    كان منع التجول بالأول حلو، بس هلأ بعد شهرين بطل إلو هيبة/رهجة وصار يزهّق
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