Levantine: Parents calling their children parents

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    In this thread we learned that, at least in Syria, a mother can call her son "ummy" (mom) even though she means "son." My Skype friend told me the same things apply to dads. A dad might say,
    شو يابا بدك مساعده ؟
    Yaba hear meaning father but referring to the son.

    My questions:
    Is this unique to Syria, or common in other Levant (Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon) dialects as well?
    Does this happen in non-Levantine dialects (e.g., Egyptian, Gulf, Maghrebi)?

  2. barkoosh Senior Member

    It's very common in Lebanon. And it's not limited to mothers and fathers. When talking to my sister's son, I say to him: يا خالو (never يا ابن أختي). My mother's sister says to me: كيفك يا خالتو؟ (never يا ابن أختي). My grandmother used to keep saying: يا ستّي كول بعد, that is, have some more [food] (never يا حفيدي or يا ابن بنتي).

    You can see that it's limited to the instances of calling (...يا).
  3. tounsi51 Senior Member

    In Golfe countries or Kuwait at least as far as I know, they also call yoba يوبا or yoma يوما especially parents to their children at any ages.

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