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I was wondering how to express the level of language skills and computer skills in a cv.

In my language it's common to write something like:

English - spoken and written
German - spoken

It doesn't specify if you're at elementary, intermediate or advanced level, only that you are able to speak and write, but I noticed that it isn't very common in English to say so. What would you usually write?

With computer skills we usually write something like:

Word - well
Excel - basic
E-mail - used every day

What would you usually write here? Do the examples above seem strange to you or not?
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    BTW, I'm not asking for myself. - So you won't help misrepresent my knowledge or skills. I'm just asking so I'll know.


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    I know there is a distinction between speaking a language fluently (as well as a native speaker) and conversational (basic knowledge that is enough to get by on).

    I would write it this way depending on ability.

    Some knowlege... Limited ability
    Good for conversation, and basic reading.. Conversational
    Good for business and advance reading.. Fluent

    Computer skills are usually written as...

    Basic knowledge or computer literate.


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    Your examples about your language skills look fine to me, though is this relevant to the job you're applying for? If it is relevant, I would put actual evidence of the level you've reached; so the qualification you've gained, or a piece of work you've done that required a certain level of language ability. Stating a level of ability, as you've done with your computer skills, is not 'done' without the evidence to back it up. However, you can state that you have the skill without mentioning how skilled you are: "I can use Word, Excel and Email".
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