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Hello, first time in here, can someone help me with translation of the exact meaning in the sentence of this word into Spanish: ...reached a measure of prosperity and the critical size to take on a small measure of debt or leverage for the project... Thanks.
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    Hi ingafstef: Welcome to the forum!!!

    About your sentence:

    "... alcanzó un nivel de prosperidad y el tamaño justo (crítico) para tomar una pequeña deuda o apalancamiento para el proyecto ..."

    As a former banker I can tell you that when you are talking about finance, leverage refers to the amount of debt the business can take, which makes sense with your sentence.

    About the exact translation, style has a lot to do with it, so I would suggest to wait for the participation of our fellow foreros and then take the best of everyone so you can make your own sentence

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    Hi ingafstef.
    Along with the great translation they gave you, allow me to share with you the entry found in Wiley's Spanish><English Business Dictionary by Steven M. Kaplan:

    leverage = apalancamiento; poder de adquirir algo por un pago inicial pequeño comparado con el nivel del valor total; nivel de endeudamiento relativo al capital; peso.



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    Thank you all, I am so happy I found this website. 90% of my time is translating and sometimes my mind just goes blank, this is when we need friends like you guys, ILT, Like and Angel and Lauranazario for all your help. I will be here often because my translations are very technical and I do need the input of several minds such as yours. Thanks again! Ingastef