Levi's have/has just made

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Alguien me puede ayudar con esto? Por qué es have y no Has?
Can anybody help me? Why is Have insted of has?


(...) but now they don't need them - designers have put the technology into the clothes. Levi's have just made some jeans with a built-in mobile phone and Philips is already selling bikinis with MP3 players. (...)

Here's another example:

My new levi's have just made my live honestly so much easier. I know you are probably thinking how could jeans make your life easier? Well, when these jeans work for every occasion i think it's safe to say that thy are lifesavers. These jeans work for with everthing.

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    Belgium, Dutch
    if a collective noun es conjugado en plural quiere decir que se refiere a todas las personas que trabajan alli

    si es en singular > todo la fabrica, o 'team', como un grupo entero...

    eso es lo que yo he aprendido

    (tal vez te sirve)


    Belgium, Dutch
    in the second example, i would rather say, maybe because, pants is plural.. jeans..
    not like in spanish > un pantalón no?

    i think just like the word 'scissors' > siempre está en plural, por eso lleva un verbo en plural

    it's just a thought
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