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Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by nandarina, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. nandarina Senior Member

    argentine, spanish

    While translating a non legal document concerning the provision of health services, I came across this expression: Lex Artis.

    Apparently, this expression is widely used in Spanish, but I cannot find its equal in English. According to Wikipedia: Lex Artis means "Law of the Skill" and is the way to name the rules that regulate a professional duty. And according to Wikibio: it is a "set of generally accepted medical practice appropriate to treat patients today. By definition, is changing with the technical progress of medicine (see medical committees, malpractice), as well as the personal characteristics of each patient."

    Anyone knows which expression is used in English to express this?

    Many thanks for your help!!
  2. chick Senior Member

    Virginia, USA
    English USA
    from latin to English it is: art law
  3. chick Senior Member

    Virginia, USA
    English USA
    I think I would leave it in latin though

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