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  1. David

    David Banned

    La Ley Adjetiva: does this apply to a particular statute (law) or is a general phrase referring to a particular type of statute, used to avoid repetition of the name of the law, something like el citado Código?. Is a Ley Adjetiva distinguished from a Ley Orgánica, perhaps?
  2. Dani California

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    Spain, Spanish
    Ley adjetiva (que yo traduciría como procedural law) es la que establece/regula los trámites a seguir para la aplicación de aquellas otras (leyes) de carácter sustantivo. Son leyes formales o de forma y sus existencia viene justificada por la de las leyes sustantivas (p.e. la ley procesal civil tiene por objeto fijar los "pasos" del procedimiento a seguir para ventilar derechos recogidos en leyes sustantivas de naturaleza civil y/o mercantil, lo mismo la ley de procedimiento administrativo o laboral respecto de las correspondientes "leyes sustantivas" administrativas y mercantiles); frente a estas leyes adjetivas se hallan las leyes sustantivas (substantive laws), que son leyes autónomas, es decir, su existencia se justifica sobre la base de la materia de fondo que regulan. Son leyes de fondo que regulan materias, instituciones, aspectos... esenciales para la persona (su familia, bienes, relaciones contractuales, etc...) y/o para la sociedad.
    La definición de ley adjetiva la contempla el diccionario de la R.A.E
    Espero haberte servido de ayuda.
  3. David

    David Banned

    Very helpful, thank you. Ocasionally I am still confused by the very different practice of Spanish writers to avoid repetition at all costs, referring to "the cited code," the "aforementioned law," "abovementioned procedural law," while it is our practice to abbreviate and repeat, referring always to the "CCP", Code of Civil Procedure, etc.
  4. Heredianista

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    English - USA
    Should "Ley Adjetiva Penal" be translated as "Procedural Penal Law", then?

    Or perhaps as "Criminal Procedural Law"?

    Thank you!
  5. Friendly Bob Banned

    Código de Procedimientos Penales o Ley Procesal Penal
  6. Heredianista

    Heredianista Senior Member

    Portland, Maine
    English - USA
    I was looking for a translation into English, actually.
  7. aynrander Senior Member

    Mexico, Sonora
    Mexican spanish
    Ok miss Heredianista: Based on "Law": "Criminal Law" "Penal Law": "Procedural Law", that is "Ley Adjetiva". Vease a Bossini, then we have "Law of Criminal Procedure" "Law of Penal Procedure"

    Criminal or Penal Procedural Law synonyms: Ley de Enjuiciamiento Criminal. Ley de enjuiciamiento penal.

    Based on "Code" "Procedural Code" that is "Codigo Adjetivo" "Codigo de procedimientos"; then: "Code of Penal Procedure" "Code of Criminal Procedure"

    Criminal or Penal Procedural Code synonyms: "Codigo de Procedimientos Penales" "Codigo Penal Adjetivo".

    We can do the same for civil substantive law and/or code.

    I hope I could make my point here, I think your question was not answered in the way you wished for, at least not here in this particular thread, and you know what? I have been trying to clear these concepts too. So by giving it to you, I am helping my self too. I hope somebody could make an observation about this input of mine, and let me know if I am wrong here.

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