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Even in its diluted state last summer, Piazza's offense was comparable to that of any catcher in the game, though not enough to offset the liability his defense, particularly his throwing, had become. With Piazza catching, Mets opponents stole 82 bases in 95 attempts, an 86.3 success rate. Marlins opponents were successful 89 times in 118 attempts, a 75 percent mark.

Would you help me understand liability in this sense pls....?
  • ElaineG

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    though not enough to offset the liability [of] his defense,
    Looks like a word is missing there. "Liability" can be anything that is a negative or a hindrance -- anything you would put on the negative side when you are counting up "pros" and "cons". (There are specific meanings involving debt, and others involving legal responsbility, but obviously that's not what's at issue here).

    So, they are saying that Piazza's offense was good, but not enough to outweight the harm done to the team by his defense.

    Which, as a Mets fan, I can tell you is, sadly, all too true.

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    I do not think that a word is missing, but the inserted phrases make it difficult to follow. Here it is without them:
    Piazza's offense was not enough to offset the liability his defense had become.

    Piazza's defense had become a liability which his offensive could not offset.


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    Rephrased yet again: Piazza's defense had not become a greater liability. It has always been a severe weakness. Rather, the drop in his offensive output has further highlighted the fact that Piazza behind the plate is a runner's invitation to unthreatened larceny.
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