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I just wanted to make sure that most of you would call someone who regularly frequents libraries and borrows books would be called a library patron. I was looking through some Yahoo! Answers questions, and someone had asked the proper word for these people, which I of course said was patron, but many people on YA seem to favor "borrower." Which would you use?
Btw, heres a link to the YA convo
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    I think there are two ways to think about it (at least).

    A library patron is someone who "patronizes the library" or is a "borrower".

    But when I first saw your phrase, I though of "a person who donates money to the library".

    So it's contextual, and the use of each might depend on the "formality" of the context.


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    It depends a bit on what the library users are doing.
    Readers and borrowers seem familiar.
    Customers - would be a term used behind the scenes.
    Library users appears quite often.
    (Based on information on my local website.)
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