Libro del Collegio Sindacale e del Controllo Contabile


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Salve :)
Sto ancora traducendo dei bilanci ecc.
Questi sono i titoli :

"Relazione del Collegio Sindacale al Bilancio ...2006"
"Libro del collegio sindacale e del controllo contabile"

Che ho tradotto in questo modo:
"Board of auditors' balance sheet report as at ...2006"
"Board of auditors and accounting control book"

Le parole : accounting control book non mi sembrano giuste, per favore mi aiutate? Grazie.
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    Hello and Happy Christmas,:)
    Have often looked this one up myself, I thought it might be useful to point out that "controllo contabile" is a difficult one to translate because it depends greatly on context - but I think in Margherita2001's context "audit" might have been slightly better, although I have often seen "accounting control" and even "accounting check" as in Lazzini's link. Sometimes I have seen it translated as "financial audit" (as opposed to management audit, I guess) and with the word "interno" it becomes "internal audit" whilst in a sentence which could read "attribuzione del controllo contabile" (da parte del collegio sindacale") it comes out as "appointment of external auditors" (by the Board of Auditors).
    Just for the record.........
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