Licenciada y Grado de Licenciatura

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  1. Velvet Senior Member

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    Tengo que traducir en inglés una parte de un CV y no entiendo la diferencia entre "Licenciada" y "Grado de licenciatura"

    El texto es:
    1. Licenciada en Medicina y Cirugia por la Facultad de Medicina....en Junio 1983.
    2. Grado de Licenciatura por la misma Universidad en Febrero 1986, con la presentacion de una Tesina de Licenciatura que obtuvo la calificacion de "Sobresaliente".

    Yo he traducido "degree in" por licenciada, pero me quedo sin solucion para el grado de licenciatura...:(


  2. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    One solution might be:
    licenciada en = Bachelor's in Medicine
    grado de licenciatura = Bachelor's Degree in Medicine

    Sé que está hilando muy fino, pero es un concepto muy difícil. De todas maneras, espero que te ayude.

  3. mazbook

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    I would translate grado de licenciatura as "post-graduate degree" since it required a dissertation.

  4. fenixpollo

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    American English
    Just an observation, mazbook -- in order to be "post-graduate", one has to have already graduated with a Bachelor's degree. There are some undergraduate (Bachelor's) degrees in some schools that require a thesis, practicum or comprehensive exam (just like a Master's or Doctorate) but they are still called Bachelor's degrees.
  5. fsabroso

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    Entiendo que la "licenciatura" es un titulo, no un grado.

    Creo que lo mejor Velvet, es que chequees en el diccionario de WR, ahi ademas apareceran todos los links sobre este tema, que ha sido tratado muchas veces, y desde distintas perspectivas.

  6. mazbook

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    Hola fenixpollo,
    The person graduated with a degree in 1983. He then did post graduate studies for his Grado de Liceniatura, which was granted in 1986 after getting an "excellente" on his dissertation. I've never read anywhere that you had to specifically graduate with a bachelor's degree to do post-graduate studies. In this case he graduated as a licenciado, which is usually translated as a bachelor's degree but is often much more. I would tend to believe that a licenciado en medicine y cirugía is the foreign equivalent of an M.D. degree and probably the grado de licenciatura in this field is the granting of a specialty. What we would call "boards". Whatever the case, further study beyond the degree granted is post-graduate studies. The only time another term in used, to my knowledge, is when someone does further studies past their PhD, in which case they are called post-doctorate studies.

  7. Moritzchen Senior Member

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    I don´t think you can get a bachelor´s degree in Medicine. What does that make you? A medic?
  8. mazbook

    mazbook Senior Member

    Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México
    United States/México, English
    Hola Moritzchen. No, I don't think you can either, anywhere, but in many foreign countries you don't have to get a bachelor's degree before going to medical school for an M.D. You go directly into a university (or medical school) at age 18 or 19 for a 5 to 6 year course to become an M.D. (or whatever the foreign equivalent is).

  9. Velvet Senior Member

    Rome, Italy
    Italian Roma, Italia
    Hello and thanks to everybody.

    I am getting even more confused with all these Bachelors, degrees etc..:eek:
    Anyway, from what I could make out, I tend to agree with Mazbook. The three steps this person pointed out in her CV are: 1) Licenciatura 2) Grado de Licenciatura 3) Tesis Doctoral, which I understand as 1)Degree (equivalent to the Italian "Laurea in Medicina e Chirurgia", i.e. university degree in Medicine and Surgery, equivalent to M.D.) 2) Post-graduate degree??? 3) Doctorate degree.

    The question is: wouldn't you usually specify what post-graduate degree you were granted??? In Italy we have Laurea in Medicina e Chirurgia (=M.D.), then you can specialize in any medical field and get a Post-graduate degree(???) IN...(Cardiology, Oncologoy, Gastroenterology, whatever) AND you can also further get Doctorate degrees.:confused: :(

  10. gusprocoro New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    - Licenciatura or "laurea" (in Biology, Zoology, Physics or similar)= Bachelor of Science.

    - Licenciatura or "laurea" (in Medicine)= Bachelor of Science with a major in Medicine. (that might be as close as you can get) but I think it's more honest to put "Bachelor of Medicine (bachelor available in my country)" or something like that. Another idea that's coming to my mind is that if it is for your CV just put "Medical School: University of WHATEVER"

    -"Grado" de Licenciatura (is not actually a "grado" but a "título", that's why it's called undergraduate)= Bachelor Diploma

    -Tesis doctoral = PhD thesis

    -Grado de Doctor = PhD degree (also "PhD")

    -Especialidades y subespecialidades (ejemplos) = Specialty: Cardiology
    Sub-Specialty: Internal Medicine

    -Some extra information: Internship (internado), Residency (residencia).

  11. Eressëa Member

    Spanish, Spain
    I don't agree with most of the replies; when translating education you need to bear in mind education systems, which vary greatly from one country to another.
    You may find this article useful:

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