licenciado en comunicación social

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¿Cuál sería la traducción más correcta para licenciado en comunicación social? He pensado en licentiate in journalism and mass media, o simplemente mass media licent¡ate.

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    Yo creo que ninguna de las dos, comunicación social no tiene que ver con mass media hasta donde yo sé.
    Por lo general se dice Bachelor in ....licentiate I'm not sure it's even a word. Maybe: Bachelor in Social Communication.
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    "Mexican Spanish"
    Bachelor degree-licenciatura.
    Pero ten en cuenta que no se dice "I'm a Bachelor in Social Communication", sino I have a bachelor's degree...
    Bachelor por sí solo es soltero, no licenciado.


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    Hello everybody,

    It is maybe too late to answer this thread but I don't think "Bachelor" is the correct word for "Licenciado". In many Latin America's countries, the awarded degree in Universities is mainly a "Licenciatura". The problem is that "Licenciatura" is NOT a bachelor's degree because the licenciatura requires 5 years of studies whereas the bachelor's degree requires 3 or 4 years. That's why it is a mistake. I would say Licentiate in Social Communication which is: licenciatura en communicación social. (the word "Licentiate" actually exists and means Licenciatura, not Licenciado).


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    This is what Lincenciate means: 1 The holder of a certificate of competence to practise a certain profession.(in certain universities, especially abroad) a degree between that of bachelor and master or doctor. The holder of such a degree.

    I think a licenciado can also be said university graduated and licenciatura 5-year study or career. And Lic en Comunicación Social---Bachelor of Social Communication

    Licenciado en Administración de Empresas: Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA, B.B.A.
    Licenciado en Agricultura: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, BSA, B.S.A.
    Licenciado en Bibliotecología: Bachelor of Library Science, BLS, B.L.S.
    Licenciado en Ciencias Sociales: Bachelor of Social Science, BSSc, BsocSc
    Licenciado en Ciencias: Bachelor of Science, BSc, B.Sc.
    Licenciado en Cirugía: Bachelor of Surgery, BCh
    Licenciado en Comercio: Bachelor of Commerce, BCom, B.Com.
    Licenciado en Cultura Física: Bachelor of Physical Education, BPE, B.P.E.
    Licenciado en Derecho Civil: Bachelor of Civil Law, BCL, B.C.L.
    Licenciado en Derecho: Bachelor of Law, BL, B.L.
    Licenciado en Educación: Bachelor of Science in Education, BScEd, B.Sc.Ed., Bachelor of Education, BEd, B.Ed., BE, B.E.
    Licenciado en Farmacia: Bachelor of Pharmacy, BPharm, B.Pharm.
    Licenciado en Filosofía y Letras: Bachelor of Arts, BA, B.A.
    Licenciado en Filosofía: Bachelor of Philosophy, BPhil, BPh, B.Ph.
    Licenciado en Ingeniería Civil: Bachelor of Civil Engineering, BCE, B.C.E.
    Licenciado en Ingeniería Química: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, BChE, B.Ch.E.
    Licenciado en Ingeniería: Bachelor of Engineering, BEng, B.Eng.
    Licenciado en Literatura: Bachelor of Letters, Bachelor of Literature, BLitt, BLit, B.Litt., B.Lit.
    Licenciado en Medicina: Bachelor of Medicine, BM
    Licenciado en Musicología: Bachelor of Music, BMus, B.Mus.
    Licenciado en Odontología: Bachelor of Dental Surgery, BDS
    Licenciado en Pedagogía: Bachelor of Education, BEd, B.Ed.
    Licenciado en Teología: Bachelor of Divinity, BD, B.D.


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    ¿Entonces "Bachelor of Social Communication" se abreviaría como "BSSc"?
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