Licenciado en Contaduría Pública

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    How do I translate into English this: "Licenciado en Contaduría Pública"... Could it be Bachelor's Degree in Accounting?

    How do i know when it is Bachelor's of Arts or Bachelor's of Science?

    thanks in advance!!!

    bitter grace
  2. Honeypum

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    Madrid / Spain
    In the US, "(Certified) Public Accounting", as far as I know, is not a degree but a license.

    In Latin America, the name of the degree is usually "Contador Público" or "Licenciado in Contaduría Publica".

    If you translate it literally, americans would probably not understand if you talking about a certification or a degree.

    I would translate it as:

    Bachelor's Degree with major in accounting
  3. bitter grace New Member



    those terms related to degrees are confusing to me!!

    bitter grace
  4. cascade Member

    English USA
    It is confusing to everybody, both in English and in Spanish.
    If you really want to be confused then read this forum from a couple of days ago:

    It appears that although there are some terms in common, every country has slight variations, and even different schools in the same country use different terms!
    As for bachelor of arts vs. science, the basic rule that I use is (and it is just a starting point, I know that it is not correct for all situations) is: for Humanities (Literature and Language) and Fine Arts (music, performance, graphic arts) the first guess is "Arts"; for everything else, the first guess is "Sciences". Of course, some courses don't use either....and it just gets worse from there!
  5. bitter grace New Member

    ohhh yes, i saw that forum before posting my question... the more i read, the more confusing it gets!!!


    bitter grace
  6. Chaucer Senior Member

    US inglés/español
    "Degree in Public Accounting" will do just fine. Universities offer the degree in the U.S. at least.

    But to work as an Public Accountant, you must be "certified"-- a degree is not enough, it only trains you-- you must be licenced-certified to work in the field. You must have a "Certification in Public Accounting". Verify it through the Net.

    Once in the U.S. working world, accountants tend to be titled as
    "Certified Public Accountants" or described as "Certified in Public Accounting". Verify it through the Net.
  7. swyves

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    UK English, Living in Peru
    In the UK, I think it's a "chartered public accountant".
  8. bitter grace New Member


    I guess I know what you mean about certified public accountants... In Venezuela, the university offers you the degree, and then the accountant should register in the public account school (escuela de contadores publicos) to have a certifification that will enable him/her to practice, in that case, yes, an accountant is a certified public accountant.

    thank you!!!

    your comments are very helpful!!!

    And well... I'm going to use in my translation the following.......................................................................................

    bitter grace!

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