licenciatura en educación preescolar"

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    Again, this question pertains to someone's transcripts. This person studied "educación preescolar" which includes kindergarten. I don't want to translate this as "preschool education," because in the United States, people can teach preschool with a two-year degree. This person studied at a four-year university. I was thinking about translating it as Preschool and Kindergarten Education, but am wondering if anyone has a better idea. Thanks!
  2. chileno1975 Member

    How about something like "BA in Early Childhood Education," just to cover everything? That wouldn't cover "elementary education," right?

  3. KateNicole Senior Member

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    That's exactly what I was thinking, but I am hesitant because I believe that in certain 2-year technical schools, people that teach day care (not even preschool) can get a degree in Early Childhood Education. Not that I am belittling that degree, but I don't want to "water down" what this person studied. Maybe if I put "B.A." like you have suggested, it will be more clear. Thanks.

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