license de biologie des organismes


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I'm looking at a French resumé and it is talking about a "License de Biologie des Organismes"

Does biologie des organismes mean something specific in French like "macrobiology" or "zoology"? Because if I translate it literally into English it sounds stupid to me as some someone who studied microbiology . . .

"Biology of organisms" (biology means the study of life, so all biology is the study of organisms of one type or another). I think I would just translate it as Biology if this is the case. So I guess I'm just looking for a distinction between a license de biologie (if there is one) and a license de biologie des organismes, if there is one.
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    La licence de biologie des organismes et des populations(LBOP) est une formation dont l’enseignement recouvre prioritairement les domaines de l’écologie, de la biologie évolutive (génétique des populations, systématique, éthologie) et de la physiologie animale et végétale.
    Found this on a university site explaining what their degree course covers. Don't know if it helps...


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    Thanks I also found something (but for Belgium):

    Le champ d'étude de la biologie des organismes et de l'écologie couvre toute la diversité du vivant : bactéries, protistes, champignons, animaux, plantes.
    Le biologiste des organismes est à la fois le témoin, le défenseur, le déchiffreur et le gestionnaire du patrimoine biologique de notre planète, aujourd'hui gravement menacé par les activités humaines. Sa formation doit donc lui permettre d'approcher le monde vivant sous des angles variés.

    It sounded to me like just biology, and drop the "des organismes" nonsense in the translation, but then I noticed that on the resumé it also has DEUG B filière Biologie . . . making it sound like there is some sort of difference between biologie and biologie des organismes, like biologie des organismes is somehow more of a specific study of something in biology, like "macrobiology" limited to macroscopic "plants, animals, fungi", but the description above sounds like everything that I would call in English simply biology.


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    yeah here is the school mentioned for it . . . it sounds crazy how they are cutting up biology from what sounds like Biological organisms (which to me is just biology) and General Earth and Universe Biological Sciences (which sounds like a long way of saying biology). Confusing.

    La Biologie des Populations et l'étude des Ecosystèmes.
    Ces formations requièrent les bases des disciplines citées ci-dessus, mais aussi une formation conceptuelle et méthodologique à l'étude du fonctionnement intégré des écosystèmes aussi bien aquatiques que terrestres (écologie, sciences de l'environnement). Elles correspondent aux parcours Biologie des Organismes (BOR) et Biologie Générale Sciences de la Terre et de l'Univers (BGSTU) de la Licence mention Biologie, et au Master mention Sciences de la Terre - Environnement - Ecologie (3 spécialités dont 1 professionnelle)


    I now it's late but in case it could help someone else in the future :

    Biologie des Organismes is Organismal Biology (it exists even outside France, I checked ;)

    Perhaps not always, but most of the time, when you see "Science de la Terre" (and sometimes also "de l'Univers") with Biology, it refers to specific classes preparing CAPES and other national competitive examinations to become teacher (knowing that French teachers often teach Biology together with Geology in middle and high schools: we call it "Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre"... poetic isn't it?)
    Hope it helps !