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I ready some Threads, but I still need help with american academic degrees..

Here in Brazil we can be licenciated if we take some courses of Psychology, Sociology and do a Internship period in Schools.

In Wiki, the name of this degree is
Licentiate degree: "normally takes four-years length degrees, available for students who want to qualify as school teachers. Licenciatura courses exist mostly in mathematics, humanities, and natural sciences."

Basically it's 1 year more than a Bachelor degree..

My Question: This terminology in common in US? I didn't find it on Cambridge dic.

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    The term for the licentiatura/licenciatura/licence and the various other names for this degree in other languages would be a bachelor's degree in the United States. A licentiate would be a person who holds a bachelor's degree, but even in that case, the term is mostly unknown/unused in the United States.
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    You will see in that article that there is no entry for the U.S. Most people here have not heard of this degree. The closest U.S. concept is the MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) degree. It usually takes one year after a bachelor's degree. Most MAT students have a degree in an academic field, but no training as teachers, and want to get teaching jobs.


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    I note from the wiki article (
    In Brazil, the licenciatura is a degree that can be taken during or after a Bachelor's Degree. There are two types of licentiatura degrees in Brazil, one that qualifies the degree holder to teach in primary and secondary education,[this is the one equivalent to a bachelor's degree] and another one that is an equivalent to a doctorate, and gives a professional degree to a professional, ...


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    Note that in that Wikipedia article, the US is not one of the countries listed. I've never heard of it before.

    The preparation for schoolteachers in my state involves completion of certain coursework; it often, but not always, leads to a minor in the field of education. It isn't a specific degree. The state then issues a license, after completion of the coursework and some other requirements.

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