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Hello everyone,

Could you tell me please what is the best way to translate licitation from french to english ? in the sentence "Cession a titre de licitation". Does it always mean sale by auction or can it stand for making something legal ? ... Thanks in advance for you help.
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    Licitation = sale by auction of property belonging to joint heirs/owners

    Update: It's better to think of this as just the division of ownership of jointly-held property. Auction is only one form of handling licitation.
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    Can "Licitation" in French be translated into English by "licitation" ? (the different definitions I've found so far only mention "by auction")

    Thanks for your help.


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    I have seen the term "licitation sale" used for the French term " licitation " which is defined by the Paris Chamber of Notaries in this link. Licitation is also part of the civil law of the U.S. State of Louisiana.
    The practical effect of a licitation sale is a sale by auction, ordered by a court of law, of the jointly held property / property held in common as well as a judicial end to the property jointness / in-common title of property. Each claimant can henceforth deal independently with his / her share of the formerly joint property / property held in common. To obtain a licitation sale, a suit in division of the property in question (une action en partage du bien) must be brought and joined in by all parties concerned.


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    a judicial end to the property jointness / in-common title of property : as in the case in divorce proceedings.

    So I will use that.

    Thank you so much bh7.