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    Hi everyone, new here to the forums...I actually don't take German, but I am currently playing a piece by Franz Liszt called "Liebestraum", and I am clueless on how it is pronounced. Now I read that the title is German for "love of dreams"...and based on that, I'm hoping if someone could help me w/ the pronunciation.

    For the first part, the "Liebe", I am rather for the "straum", should it be a "strom" with the vowel sound like the English "home", or should the vowel sound be pronounced like the one in "down". Should the m even be pronounced?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Nice but the question was: What is the pronunciation of Liebestraum? ;)

    Welcome, greyeyedgoddess!

    The pronunciation is like this, roughly. It is spoken by a machine but I think it is very decent. Should the link expire, click here, type in your word and choose Klara, German.

    In Liebestraum, the "s" is a binding element, not a part of the second word. Dream - traum.

    You are right with "down", "ie" is like "ee", and the "e" in "bes" is very indistinct.

    Hope this helps. :)

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    Wow that was fast...I never knew the forum was so active :)

    Thanks very much. So is the "liebe" something along the lines of love and the "traum" dream?
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    Indeed! :thumbsup:

    I would translate Liebestraum with "dream of love", not "love of dreams".
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    Oh yes that's what I meant :eek: of dreams definitely changes the meaning around.

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