life could arise by chance and <feedback> out of dead matter


Does it mean "life could arise out of dead matter by chance and return to dead matter"? Seems not.

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Evolution creates life out of itself by try and success and does not need an outside source.
The Evolution Theory not only is scientific knowledge but also a Philosophy describing how life could arise by chance and feedback out of dead matter. So far it is and ever will be the only explanation (including all religious explanation attemps provided gods are also life) how any life can start.

-Chris Butlak, studied at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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    No, it's saying life could arise out of dead matter. And it could arise by means of (a combination of) chance and feedback. Feedback is where the result of one thing 'feeds' back to the thing to influence the next state. The previous state feeds (influences) the next state. In evolutionary terms, the body's adventures in the world feed back to help decide which genes get more success. One set of genes has a result (its body) which then influences the next set of genes. That's feedback.


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    I think the "feedback" being referred to is a way of describing the forces of natural selection. An organism randomly (i.e. by chance) mutates and if the mutation helps it survive and reproduce, it will pass on that mutated DNA to more offspring than an organism without that mutation. I suppose that's a sort of "feedback." I wouldn't use the word "feedback" there. It appears that Chris Butlak may not be a native English speaker.



    Yeah. Living organisms feedback, and now the author talks about the feedback of dead matter. I also strongly felt his English is NOT native.
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