life expectancy or life expectation?

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word gumshoe

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hi every one
what is the difference here?

Life expectancy is increasing in Afghanestan

Life expectation is increasing in Afghanestan

Is second one correct?if yes why?if not what is its correct usage and what is its difference with expectancy

Thank you
  • xqby

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    I don't think so. I would understand what you meant, but "life expectancy" is the expected term, and anything else looks weird in contrast.


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    "Life expectancy" can be considered a set noun phrase and should not be altered.

    expectation: The action of mentally looking for an arrival of something or someone.

    "I have some expectation of receiving a large fortune in my uncle's will."

    expectancy The state or condition of being expected, or anticipated;

    "You expectancy is too optimistic; your uncle has already spent is money."

    PS Afghanistan


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    Someone would probably understand what you mean by "life expectancy," but "life expectancy" is an unalterable expression to refer to how long you expect someone to live.
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