Life from Silicon / From Silicon, Life

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    First, allow me to apologize for breaking so many Latin rules and being even ignorant of this. I want to express a motto, in partial Latin. Partial, because I believe that the word/element silicon originated from the early 1800s. I want the English translation to be either, "Life from Silicon" or, "From Silicon, Life"

    I'm kind of "Latinizing" silicon into silico. (is this an already existing Latin word already?)

    So, would the "Latin" for "Life from Silicon" be "bio ex silico" or "bio exsilico"?

    Also, would the "Latin" for "From Silicon, Life" be "ex silico bio" or "exsilico bio"?

    Or, some better, more appropriate recommendation. Please, correct me in any way necessary. And, thank you! :)
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    The first scientific name for silicon, according to Chambers, was silicium, which is a word formed according to regular Latin practice.

    Thus we can say: e silicio vita, that is: 'from silicon, life'.
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    OMGoodness!! I apologize for taking this long to thank you for your response to my post. (unfortunately, a big life event demanded my full attention) Thank you!!! I like your Latin, e silico vita, I really do. But, (damn but[t]s) one of my requirements was to have both "silico" and "bio" in the Latin "translation". I agree, it's kind of a bastardization and not punctiliously perfect. e silico vita would look good on a seal though. :)
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    Sorry, but it is not e silico vita, but e silicio vita, because the word is silicium: it always has at least three 'i's.
    'Bio-' (meaning 'life') is not Latin at all, though: it is an English prefix, which comes from the Greek βίος.
    Sorry again.
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    Thank you for your correction. I'm appreciative of your help. :)

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