1. kbbylily

    kbbylily Senior Member

    france, français
    I 've seen this sentence several times on T-shirts.
    I think this a joke, a pun with " life is a bitch", I am right?
    the thing that makes me not be sure is that I saw that on children T-shirt and I don't think people would buy their kid a clothe saying that?
    could you brighten this for me please?
  2. zazap Senior Member

    Canada, French and English
    Well, you're right, it comes from "life is a bitch". The thing is that when you change it to "life is a beach", the meaning is so different that it's OK even for kids, you know? It means I love the beach, I love the holidays, I love summer. Beach and sun, that's life!
  3. spikie Senior Member

    USA, UK English
    Although the expression 'life's a beach' may have originated as a pun for 'life's a bitch', it's also a statement on it's own, that life is not a bitch at all, rather, life's a beach. As zazap said, it signifies that the wearer views life as a pleasant beach - sun, surf, relaxation...
  4. kbbylily

    kbbylily Senior Member

    france, français

    Yes ok. I understand what you mean but... I find this a little bit offending anyway because, me, as a french person I think about "life is a bitch" so I guess that natives english will thing about that too. And it is made so we think about it. so I find it improper for a child... (my boyfriend had one when he was a child with garfield sayiong that, but his parents didn't speak english at all :p)
  5. spikie Senior Member

    USA, UK English
    I don't think many native English speakers would find it terribly offensive.
  6. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    I don't think it would strike most English-speakers' ears as inappropriate for a kid. It is cute and clever-sounding and also, it really means that life isn't "a bitch"
  7. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    You could "translate" it as "La vie c'est de la mer" in French! :D
  8. zazap Senior Member

    Canada, French and English
    Good one!
    Or "la vie c'est la mer!"
  9. Nicomon

    Nicomon Senior Member

    Français, Québec ♀
    In either case, I read a pun, i.e. de la mer(de) and mère. Although Pieanne's is closer to "bitch". :)

    As a side note, I liked this extract from Prévert, that I found here
  10. zazap Senior Member

    Canada, French and English
    I wasn't thinking about "mère", my French housemate always says "C'est la merde", or "c'est vraiment la merde"...That's what I was thinking about, just like pieanne;)
  11. Denis the fatalist Senior Member

    Monaco Monte-Carlo
    Having ever enjoyed this kind of jokes in French, I couldn't help at first to try it also in English (this kind, not necessarily this one) until my first host in L.A kindly explained I would be the only one to laugh, since the english pronunciation (of for instance here beach vs bitch) was not the same at all. So I assumed that no english speaking native would do or even notice it.
    As for the sub-thread, a friend of mine used a long time ago to answer :
    "chacun sa mère", a phrase which have had since some success...

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