Life is for the living or life is for living?


Antes pensaba que la expresión "vivir la vida" en inglés era "life is for living" (coldplay tiene una canción con ese título)

Pero en un blog de un inglés tiene de título "life is for the living" y hay un documental también según google con ese título.

¿Significan lo mismo? ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre ambas?
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    For me----the first one is clear and correct.

    I've not heard the second (perhaps somewhere it is more used.) Me BE.

    It could have the same meaning, but sounds strange. I think it could also mean----

    "Life is for the living; not for the dead."

    Silly really---thats how I see it------see how others do.

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    Mi opinión, que no considero definitiva, es:
    "life is for living"= "la vida es para vivirla"
    "life is for the living"= "la vida es para los vivos" (en el sentido de "para quienes de verdad desean vivirla")
    Espero que te sirva.
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    Hi Huganay

    That's nicely put. It does show that the second is an an unusual phrase. I don't know it, and would, perhaps, understand it in more context.



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    For me they mean the same basically.

    Life is for living - enjoy your life etc.
    Life is for the living - live your life, you're not dead, enjoy it, get busy living or get busy dying etc.

    The second could also be used in a zombie movie, so the first is better..


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    I agree with ydnas.

    I have heard and read 'life is for the living' and it is simply a way to say 'life is for living'; it's kind of referring to 'living' as a noun (the living of life = the state of being alive). It's kind of poetic/literary, I'd say.


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    I agree with Chez. In both expressions, living is a gerund.
    The phrase originally was "Life is for the living of it" but that got shortened over time.