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  1. amirmg

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    Dear members,

    Could you tell me what noun do you like to see after " a life-threatening"
    To make it more clear I am looking for a noun to complete my sentence.

    Road accidents are among the highest life-threatening ????

    I thought threats might be suitable.

  2. ain'ttranslationfun? Senior Member

    US English
    Since you just said "life-threatening", you wouldn't want to say "threats". Actually, I'd rewrite the whole sentence (which sounds incomplete to me anyway), but we're not allowed to do that here.
  3. amirmg

    amirmg Senior Member

    I rewrote the introduction as:
    Road accidents in this day and age have become one of the leading causes of death and injuries resulting in enormous costs to societies. While many are in favor of a variety of methods to reduce the current rate of accidents on the roads, others, however, strongly hold the idea that respecting the speed limit laws can increase safety of vehicles to an acceptable level. This short essay will elaborate on both viewpoints along with the other’s perspective.
  4. ain'ttranslationfun? Senior Member

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    So which part of the bolded sentences in your #3 would you like comments on, please?
  5. Cagey post mod (English Only / Latin)

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    This revision of the original "the highest life-threatening" is much better. :)

    Road accidents [] have become one of the leading causes of death
    Side note: I realize that in some languages it is customary to use more elaborate language in formal writing. In English, we use simpler language and we tend not to include words that do not add new information. For instance, I would not include 'in this day and age' in the sentence above. The tense of "have become" tells us that this is something that is true in the present. You might look over the rest of your writing to see whether there are other unnecessary words. Further discussion of this would be off-topic in this thread. If you want to discuss it further, please start a another thread and tell us which specific word or group of words you want to discuss.
  6. amirmg

    amirmg Senior Member

    Good idea. It is really interesting to know what an English native speaker find my writing. I do accept that some words are really unnecessary, but maybe I want to show the examiner that I know those words and specific grammar.

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