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    Me gustaría saber cómo traducir al español los términos lifting pipeline.
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    Please can you give us some more context becaues it depends what part of speech "lifting" is.
  3. Elena74 New Member

    The Array Design Annotation Lifting Pipeline and mRNA Assignment Pipeline results are NOT included in the design-time CSV files
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    I don't think "lifting pipeline" is a phrase. In this context I think pipeline means data stream. In the english text there are two sets of data mentioned, "Array Design Annotation Lifting" and "mRNA Assignment", and they are both sets of data passed through the process in data "pipelines".

    There are "pipeline" threads on the Information Technology forum and someone has suggested "conductos", maybe there are spanish speaking IT people out there who would know a better translation.

    I think "Annotation Lifting" is a method of extracting written notes from a document and storing them electronically. So someone wrote a document on "Array Design". A second person read the document and added some notes. The notes were then extracted and passed through the process in a data pipeline but were not written to the design-time CSV files. That's how I'm reading it at least.

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