Light is ao expression for that from which things are revealed

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  1. quddusaliquddus New Member

    "Light is an expression for that from which things are revealed"

    Im confused about the use of the term from in this sentence.

    Can someone please explain what this sentence means?
  2. ewie

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    If it was being put in a more conversational style it would be:
    Light is an expression for the thing that things are revealed from.
    Is that any clearer?
    I can't really help you with what it actually means without some (probably a lot) more context.
  3. quddusaliquddus New Member

    Thanks for the help. Would it make sense to say that a Bulb is a Light from your definition?
  4. quddusaliquddus New Member

    unfortunately i dont have more context.
  5. ewie

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    Well, it sounds to me like something far more philosophical ~ or airy-fairy ~ than that, Quddu. (And philosophical stuff is not my area of expertise!) Where did you find this sentence?

    EDIT: after #4. My paraphrase doesn't really make any more sense than the original. This is a complete guess but I wonder if the author actually means by rather than from. That would make sense: "Things are revealed only by light" OR "Light reveals things".)
  6. אדם Senior Member

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    I think that in this sense it is taking the way that light makes you to be able to see things, and making it more metaphorical.

    So for example:

    I was really confused until Josh shined light on the whole issue.

    In other words, the person was confused until Josh made the issue clearer and easier to see (and more understandable).
  7. quddusaliquddus New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    OK, here is where i got the sentence from [the second paragraph]:

    "And this shall assuredly not be denied you, now that you know that Allâh is Light, and that beside Him there is no light. and that He is every light, and that He is the universal light: since light is an expression for that by which things are revealed; or., higher still, that by and for which they are revealed; yea, and higher still, that by, for, and from which they are revealed: and now that, you know, too that, of everything called light, only that by, for, and from which things are revealed is real -- that Light beyond which there is no light to kindle and feed its flame, for It is kindled and fed in itself, from Itself, and for Itself, and from no other source at all. "

    Unfortunately I cant post links at the moment. So ifd you want to see the full context you'd have to google the words "niche for lights" and goto the fourth result (the link with the words muslim-canada iin it). Then goto Part 1 and section 7.

    ANY help is much appreciated. Thanks :D


  8. AngelEyes

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    Think of it as Allah being the source, the answer, the center of all enlightenment. And this energy which is Allah is the core of power from which all knowledge and answers are revealed (enlightened), or from which all power springs.

    Light is being used to illustrate that there is revelation wherever Allah is. You cannot see in the dark. But crystal clarity can't hide in the light.

    From is being used to mean: this is where it comes from.

    That's the way I interpret it.

  9. Forero Senior Member

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    Welcome to the forum, quddusaliquddus.

    You could say that things are revealed from light by Allah. In that case, Allah is He by whom things are revealed, and light is that from which things are revealed. A little less metaphorically, it means that light is where things are revealed from or light is whence things are revealed.
  10. quddusaliquddus New Member

    thanks for the help

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