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Hello everybody!

May somebody help me for translating the following sentence, quoted from Sex&the City:

"Can we lighten up on the boundary talk"?

The context is that Carry (the main character of the sery) is arguing with her girlfriends during their usual brunch, because she's dating again "Big", the man who broke her heart.

Thank you very much.

p.s.: I get all the words and verbs of the sentence, but when I assemble it in a full sentence, it doesn't make sense.
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    Can we lighten up = can we go easy = can we do less of
    the boundary talk = the talk about boundaries = the conversation about boundaries (the noun in this construction is always in the singular, even though its meaning may be in the plural, as here)
    boundary: it's hard to explain this without more context, but usually it's used when talking about the ability to set limits, to define what will and will not be acceptable (probably in relationships, given that this is from Sex and the City)


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    She's saying they're discussing romantic/sexual boundaries too much, and she wants them to stop. Boundaries in this context means what each person will or won't put up with from the other, what they can and can not do to the other. They could be sexual (things they can do in bed) or romantic (how often to call, bring flowers, whatever).
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