1. olivinha Senior Member

    Português, Brasil
    Morning, friends.

    I need help with the translation of "lighter fuel". Is it "combustible de/para mecheros"?

    Here is the context (re. some of the things not allowed to be carried in a helicopter):
    'Strike anywhere' matches, lighters containing unabsorbed liquid fuel (other than liquefied gas), lighter fuel and lighter refills are not permitted;

    Here is my attempt:
    No se permite llevar fósforos del tipo “enciende en cualquier sitio”, mecheros que contengan combustible líquido no absorbido (distinto al gas licuado), combustible de mechero o recambio para mecheros.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: I wasn't sure whether or not this question belonged here or in "specialized terminology".
  2. rosagrg New Member

    Sounds better "combustible para mecheros", and also "gasolina para mecheros". Saludos
  3. juandiego

    juandiego Senior Member

    Granada. España
    Spanish from Spain
    Totalmente correcto.
    Lighter fuel- Combustible de mecheros or even Gasolina de mecheros. Maybe this latter is more common here in Spain although I think that that fuel is not exactly gasoline, anyway, we use it.
  4. olivinha Senior Member

    Português, Brasil
    Muchas gracias, amigos. Muy amables.
    Un saludo desde Madrid (que no para de llover!!!!)

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