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Hi all! My friend translated a sentence from Chinese into English.
The source text means to say:although your plan sounds great, but in reality, you don't carry it out lightly and actively (because of the difficulties, you lack of grit, so you do it reluctantly).
My friend wanted to keep the original phrase " light(ly) and active(ly)" and gave me these three options. But I'm not sure which one sounds best or do you have better ideas? :confused:

a) What you say sounds good, but you don't do it in a light and active manner.
b) What you say sounds good, but the way you do it is not light and active.
c) What you say sounds good, but your actions are never taken lightly and actively.
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    It sounds like "lightly" has a different implication in Chinese - something like "in a relaxed way" or "without worry". Is that correct?

    It isn't used that way in English sentences like yours. In your sentence it has the implication of "light-heartedness" or "carelessness". "Active" isn't really the right choice there either.
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