lightning ln a bottle

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    What does “lightning in a bottle” mean?
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    A commercial production is the meeting point between a wide range of philosophies, personalities and entities in the marketing and advertising universe. The best end product --funny, engaging, beloved and talked-about TV ads -- are the result of a lightning-in-a-bottle moment.
    Source: 'Five Things Marketing Execs Need to Know About Making Commercials' (Marketing Newshub)

    "<< -- excessive quotation deleted -- >> I know there's more money and bigger budgets now, but they were better times. You don't get those lightning-in-a-bottle directors you used to stumble across: Ken Loach, Alan Clarke. And writers who understood texture and grit, like Peter McDougall [A Sense of Freedom, Just Another Saturday]: fantastic writer, kept a crate of brown ale under his desk. We stretched every penny. << -- excessive quotation deleted -- >>"
    Source: 'Martin Campbell: Living on the edge' (theguardian online)
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    I think this may be a misuse of the phrase as I can't really make much sense of it.
    Here's an article on the phrase from World Wide Words: lightning in a bottle
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    A Google search yields many results, including this one: in a bottle

    Capturing something powerful and elusive and then being able to hold it and show it to the world.

    Performing a rare feat.

    A moment of creative brilliance.

    Coming up with that idea was like catching lightning in a bottle.

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