like a deer to a dying hind

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Le bambin mignon

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Turkish / le turc
In the context below,can you explain to me what does "like a deer to a dying hind" mean ? I saw it in lyrics of a rock song.

Dark Tranquillity- Shadow Duet :

in the valley of my mind the aerial mists sink falling
and its breath both foul and holy is like the deer to a dying hind
slowly traversing the atmosphere calling
  • JustKate

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    I looked up the full lyrics, and I'll tell you the deep insight that I, a native speaker of English, received from them: The songwriter was fairly desperate to come up with something that sort of goes with "deer" but rhymes with "mind." :) I really do think that's the main reason why "hind" was chosen here. It certainly wasn't chosen because it makes sense.
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