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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

The song was called “The Eye,” and it’s written by the country-folk singer Brandi Carlile and her bandmate Tim Hanseroth and sung by Carlile. I wish it could play every time you open these pages, like a Hallmark birthday card, because it’s become the theme song of this book.

Why is this song compared to a Hallmark birthday card? What is the connection between the song and the card?

Thank you.
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  • Uncle Jack

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    Hallmark is a company that makes and sells greetings cards. Some of the cards play a tune when you open them. The writer wishes that The Eye would play in the same way when you opened the book.


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    There are some Hallmark cards that have a tiny sound player embedded in the card (between two layers of paper. It is designed so that opening (unfolding) the card starts the sound player, and closing (refolding) the card stops it.
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