like a moth to a flame


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Is there any way to translate this expression into French?


I mean it in the sense of a fatal attraction, as can be seen in the English expression, the moth will be killed by the flame.
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    All too soon I did return, just like a moth to a flame
    So rattle my bones all over the stones
    because I' m only a beggar man whom noboby owns...
    The hand that rocks the cradle. The Smiths 1984 ( My favourites!!!)
    L'image du papillon, phalène ou pas reste la plus jolie...


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    I'm looking for this expression too, so here is more explanation: A moth is attracted to light, and if it's an electric light, no problem - it survives. But if the moth flies into a flame, like a candleflame, it is immolated - burned to death.

    Sometimes we're attracted to relationships that will harm us, just like a moth is attracted to a flame. So is there an expression in French that connotes an attraction that is fatal, or at the least, a very bad idea?


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    In French, we would say "il/elle risque de se brûler les ailes" (comme Icare qui s'est brûlé les ailes en volant trop près du soleil). It's not an exact translation but I think it's quite close!
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