Like a pebble from a slingshot

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Ste88, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Ste88

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    Hello everyone, I was wondering if this phrase is an idiom or it is just an original creation of the author:

    "like a pebble from a slingshot"

    This is the excerpt I've read it in:

    [...] walking George to school had become a chore of matronly scolding and pleading: "Walk, honey. Please walk. What did I say, did I say WALK?" Like most four-year-old boys, George left his house like a pebble from a slingshot, careening off parked cars, brownstone gates, fences placed to protect young trees [...]

    What's more, I haven't quite understood whether this means "very quickly" or "lacking care".
  2. Holymaloney

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    Hi Mr G :)!
    I'm not familiar with this way of saying but a pebble from a slingshot travels very fast but isn't always perfectly aimed. So what it does bring to mind is something 'thrown' at great speed but not necessarily with much precision :D.
    Cheers ;)
  3. Matrap

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    A giudicare dal contesto si parla di un bambino molto vivace che esce di casa "come una scheggia (impazzita), sfrecciando fra auto in sosta ecc... ecc...
  4. Pat (√2)

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    Anche qualcosa come "a rotta di collo" potrebbe funzionare?
  5. Ste88

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    "Come una scheggia" is perfect! Thanks everyone :)
  6. BarbaraLamb

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    Come un razzo ?
  7. london calling Senior Member

    Stavo pensando la stessa identica cosa!;)

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