like a rooster with an itch

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I am wondering what the meaning of the following simile could be:

A man is drinking a beer at the bar when he sees an attractive woman. She winks at him. He goes to her like a rooster with an itch.
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    Where did you see this, sibu?

    You did an excellent job of providing context ( :thumbsup: ) but we ask you to name the source as well. :)


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    Hi sibu,

    This isn't a common simile in English. You can probably figure it out yourself based on a literal translation, plus your best guess of what a rooster likes to do (to hens) and what it might mean to have an itch that needs scratching!

    Beryl from Northallerton

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    What's not clear is whether the teacher gives this to his students as an example of a simile, or has asked them to generate their own, of which this is an example. Either way round is plausible to me.
    It's a simile alright, but not one that's known to me. It's meaning is readily deducible: a rooster (which is strongly associated with male sex drive), with an itch (in the sense of a strong desire or yearning).
    He goes to her like a rooster with an itch means that he approaches the woman with enthusiasm, in eager and hopeful anticipation of his lustful desires being met.
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