like an eel through milk


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the context is a cricket game.
"The bowler had five balls in which to take three wickets. He went through Sanjay B., put in late to stiffen the tail, and Charlie W., like an eel through milk."

I guess it means he bowled out the two batsmen easily, but I wanted to know if you were familiar with that expression.
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    Isn't eel traditionally cooked in milk?

    I don't know if that helps understand anything here, but, well. Facts!


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    Google indicates that this thread is the only occurrence of "like an eel through milk" on the internet. However, writers are allowed to invent new metaphors. Eels are proverbially slippery: their smooth texture helps them move swiftly; milk also has a slightly smooth feel because of its high fat content, and would no doubt contribute the eel's slipperiness.
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