Like gilded damask-flies,

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Hi folks, this is cited from Wellingborough Redburn by Hermann Melville (1849)
Question: Are these a kind of fly (animal) or a sort of cloth? I cannot decide it. It seems fly animal, but in goggling I am seeing only wall paper designs and some fabrics.

Play on, play on! for to every note come trooping, now, triumphant standards, armies marching--all the pomp of sound. Methinks I am Xerxes, the nucleus of the martial neigh of all the Persian studs. Like gilded damask-flies, thick clustering on some lofty bough, my satraps swarm around me.
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    I think "damask-flies" refers to either damselflies or dragonflies. "Gilded" is an adjective referring to having a golden covering/hue.
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