" Like " is it in this sentence a noun or a verb ?!


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Hi everybody,

I'm glad that i joined this great languages community , it's very nice work , thanks for all people work in this.


i want to know exactly what does the word " like " mean in the sentence below ?

" i wish i had a friend like me "

Does it mean i wish i have a friend " such as me - similar to me " like in this sentence = he is like me

i wonder if it has the meaning above or the other meaning which is similar to love " he likes me "

i guess either these two meaning and i guess the first one, but i just want to make sure of that

Thanks in Advance
  • heypresto

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    Welcome to the forum. :)

    Your first guess is correct. 'I wish I had a friend similar to me'.

    As an aside: Note that we always spell 'I' with a capital I.


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    What if I want to say the other meaning?

    Should I say " i wish i had a friend likes me "

    Would it be that way?

    Thank You very much and for your note, too


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    Welcome to the forum, M.A.

    Had in "I wish I had..." is past subjunctive, which does not suggest a future change but (usually) a present condition. Perhaps you mean "I wish I could get someone to like me as a friend."
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